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We have a passion for organic, fair trade, ethical, repurposed, and recycled products? Although they are becoming more available, some things are still difficult to find or we just like to have more selection. We have spent a great deal of time in search of many heart, soul, and earth friendly products. Because it helps to quite our souls to have and provide ethical choices and purchases opportunities. We are passionate about our own choices and decided to create a space to help share our finds with you and to bring you that same peace and the ability to make similar soul quieting choices 8). We try to be diligent and careful in our choices of product and merchandise and do not offer super- mass-produced products. We offer products that resonate with ethical labor, conservation efforts, and eco-friendly practices. 

Jump in, grab a great find, and leave in light, love & nurturing peace.

Organic Squirrel


Organic Clothing and Products

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