Happy/ness Tea: Organic White Peony Tea with Coconut

Happy/ness Tea: Organic White Peony Tea with Coconut

For when you need the taste and positive energy of a tropical beach vacation. Enjoy this delicious blend of creamy Organic Coconut, paired with the velvety leafs of Organic White Peony Tea.

HAPPY/ness TEA is a truly unique and magical tea blend:

  • Carries the rich taste of a tropical beach vacation in every sip
  • Naturally sweet and creamy with a perfect floral balance
  • Zero Calories, 100% natural ingredients
  • 100% Organic Tea, loaded with antioxidants.
  • Medium Caffeine content for a mild energy boost
  • Lifts your overall sense of happiness
  • Excellent foundation for Tea Latte's

List Of Ingredients 

      HAPPY/ness TEA is an absolutely delicious and invigorating tea blend, composed of purely organic ingredients:

      • Organic White Peony Tea from China
      • Organic Coconut from the Philippines
      • Organic Safflowers from China
      • Organic Cornflowers from USA

      Brewing Suggestions 

      • We recommend using one tablespoon of tea for an 8oz mug. Use 180 degree water and steep the tea for 1-3 min
      • For ideal results, we recommend using fresh spring water or filtered water. 
      • Move the tea strainer a few times before you remove it. The water flow through the leafs will provide a more powerful and flavorful result.
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