Matcha Green Tea Grade A

Matcha Green Tea Grade A

Matcha Green Tea helps to provide total focus, positive energy and superior health.

For our Matcha Green Tea, we use the traditional method of stone grinding the fresh leaves of Chinese Tencha Green Tea into a fine powder.


  • Has the highest anti-oxident rating of all superfoods
  • Sharpens focus and concentration
  • Energy without anxiety, crash or jitters
  • Naturally boosts the metabolism to burn calories
  • Tastes absolutely delicious and can be used for Matcha Lattes 

Matcha has been cherished by Zen Buddhist Monks for almost 1,000 years.

To assure premium quality, we use Grade A Chinese Tencha Green Tea leafs that are USDA Organic certified and responsibly sourced at artisan farmers in China. 

List Of Ingredients 

  • Stone Ground Tencha Green Tea (China)

Brewing Suggestions 

  • We recommend using 1/4 teaspon for a 6oz mug. Use 180 degree water. Best enjoyed when frothed by fully whisking.
  • For ideal results, we recommend using fresh spring water or filtered water. 
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